Company Information

On March 19, 2012 BIOMED S.A. Laboratory celebrated  its 19 years of service to the Haitian population in general and to the medical profession in particular. Its founder, Robert Elie, Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Montreal, since 1980 has worked relentlessly towards his goal of making BIOMED SA a referring diagnostic institution in Haiti.  From modest beginnings in 1991, BIOMED S.A. has, to better serve its constantly increasing customers, expanded its central laboratory in Port-au-Prince and opened a branch in Petion-Ville.

BIOMED S.A. keeps abreast of latest developments in the field of laboratory diagnosis, modernizes, and continuously enriches its analysis repertoire.

BIOMED S.A. has long been the benchmark of other laboratories in the capital and in the provinces